Bespoke Course Development

As the UK renewables sector expands, your business will be presented with bigger and better opportunities. OMPA can position you to take these opportunities and start creating your own.

Build a stronger and more profitable future for your company, with a workforce equipped with the technical and operational skills to fulfil industry demands and exceed expectations. Become an industry leader, by investing in your employees to develop their understanding of the latest technology and state of the art approaches to help drive innovation and the continuous development of industry best-practice.

OMPA support businesses through the development of bespoke courses. Following an in-depth client consultation to understand the expected training outcomes, we design, develop, and deliver the training programme in-house or at a venue approved by the client. With endless benefits, this type of training delivery will continue to deliver time and time again by working to sharpen your team’s knowledge and performance on a needs-led basis.


Create your own training programmes, specifically targeting key areas for development to give you that competitive edge.

OMPA courses cover everything from technical to management, procurement and contracting, all year round. Whether you’re in the UK or overseas, work with us to put together a bespoke package of effective programmes based on your needs and budget.

Ensure all team members receive the same level of training. Provide your employees with the opportunity to build new skills. And, make sure that key company messages and priorities are communicated consistently.

Set your objectives. We’ll help you achieve them.