We like to do things a little differently at Offshore Marine People & Academy when it comes to delivering training for individuals or whole teams.

Led by industry experts, our training combines the benefits of proven traditional teaching methods with alternative training techniques, to ensure our courses are valuable and memorable, taking candidates beyond mandatory obligation.  With an extensive range of introductory, operational, and technical courses to choose from, we place individuals and companies in the ideal position to pursue the best opportunities available in a growing yet competitive industry. Every training programme is delivered by experienced associate trainers with a proven track record of outstanding performance in their respective fields.


To make sure all training candidates complete our courses with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in offshore operations, we offer flexible course packages that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Informed by learning preferences and specific requirements, we adapt course content and delivery to match levels of candidate experience and team objectives. We also ensure that all course content is relevant and up to date through on-going review of current operational procedures.


Our expert trainers specialise in giving candidates the edge over the competition. Helping candidates who want to progress in their career and companies who want to develop skills in their teams, OMPA trainers deliver a personalised approach, reinforcing learning through shared insights from their own experiences working within the energy industry.

OMPA maintain the highest training standards and compliance with regulatory bodies, with courses taught by highly-experienced professionals supporting individuals to achieve their learning goals.


OMPA has a global presence, and have utilised training locations in the UK / Europe/ Middle East / South America. Our flexibility and willingness to travel ensures, market-leading knowledge and training is never far away.

Whether you are a business looking to bolster the skills and knowledge or your workforce or an individual seeking to enhance your career prospects in the offshore industry, Offshore Marine People and Academy have the right course for you.