Life is a series of choices. Between education, career, family and wellbeing, making the right choices and getting the right balance can be a challenge.

Whatever your level of experience, onshore or offshore, entry level or managerial, Offshore Marine People & Academy work closely with you, to turn a life of choice-making into a life of opportunity. We help you to understand your motivation and discover what you want to achieve, providing the foundations for progression, finding a better work/life balance, and increased job satisfaction.

Working on behalf of all people, we navigate the complexities of recruitment in the energy industries so you don’t have to.



We find out more about personal ambitions and expectations to:

  • place individuals into roles that will guarantee their success
  • support transition between offshore industries
  • offer advice on career progression through training

From enhancing your knowledge to diversifying your skill-base, OMPA training courses open up even more options for your future. With support from our experienced specialist trainers you can go further than you think.


If you would like to speak to us about representation or advice, upload your CV through our online registration form . We will contact you to complete the registration process, and then get to work finding your next new role.

Candidates recognise and consent to Offshore Marine People storing the data they provide in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and disclosing details provided to clients in order to support the recruitment process.