Training Team

Chris Weaver


Extensive experience and unquestionably qualified, Chris has acquired certification and practical know-how both in the training room and on-site, building on 12 years of service in the Royal Navy.

Chris Weaver specialises in hydrographic survey seamanship and marine operations, operating in key roles, including Client Representative and Offshore Manager, on numerous major pipeline and cable lay projects around the world including the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Middle East and India.

Paul Lawrence


Before discovering a niche for training, IHO Cat A Hydrographic Surveyor and chartered Marine Scientist Paul, has worked in managing and overseeing operations in the offshore Oil, Gas and Renewables sectors all over the globe.

With a strong marine background, Paul has had several key roles ranging from Client representative, Offshore Manager, Party Chief, and Survey Consultant, and in locations such as Germany, Holland, Saudi, Kuwait Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

Steve Searle


A subsea cable installation and maintenance expert, Steve has a wealth of experience in the subsea cable industry, in both the telecoms and offshore renewal energy sector.

Committed to expanding his understanding of the sector as much as he is yours, Steve is also responsible for a number of innovations and developments in offshore cable installation technologies, influencing the development of software applications such as BlueSpider ( and DataVerse asset integrity software in particular.

Bob Eadie


Bob has worked at sea for over 40 years; as an officer in the Royal Navy and as a contractor in the Offshore industry since 1994. He has carried out roles at every level from online surveyor to Offshore Manager. Bob has been a Client Representative since 2005.

He has worked in many of the world's most challenging marine environments in a range of vessels.