Training Team

offshore industry expert trainer image

Steve Searle


A subsea cable installation and maintenance expert, Steve has a wealth of experience in the subsea cable industry, in both the telecoms and offshore renewal energy sector.

Committed to expanding his understanding of the sector as much as he is yours, Steve is also responsible for a number of innovations and developments in offshore cable installation technologies, influencing the development of software applications such as BlueSpider ( and DataVerse asset integrity software in particular.


Captain Andrew Readyhough


Captain Andrew Readyhough is an extremely competent Master Mariner with over 40 years maritime experience from a variety of offshore industries.

From roles such as Offshore Project Manager, Offshore Superintendent, Engineering Manager, and Operations Director his experience and expertise is vast.

He is highly qualified and excels at ensuring successful outcomes to all projects.


Alan Smith


A professional engineer with many years of experience in the cable industry.

Alan has held senior positions within AEI Cables and WTHenley with responsibility for cable design and accessory design as well as high voltage testing and was responsible for subsea cables projects. He has published papers covering Partial Discharge Testing and Long-Term Ageing of Polymeric Insulation.