International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women in the Offshore Sector: A Tribute on International Women’s Day


On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the achievements of women worldwide while also highlighting the ongoing struggle against gender discrimination, particularly in male-dominated industries like in the offshore sector. Today, we delve into the experiences and insights of three remarkable women who have carved their paths in the offshore sector.


Daria Puła – Rope Access Technician

Daria Puła, a seasoned rope access technician in the wind industry, shares her journey and challenges faced as a woman in a predominantly male environment. For over six years, she’s been honing her skills in repairing wind turbine blades, proving time and again that gender is no bar to technical expertise. When asked about her experience in a male-dominated industry, Daria responds, “It’s not easy. I have already felt and unfortunately been told, more than once, that this is not my place.” Despite these setbacks, Daria acknowledges times are changing to a woman’s advantage and is pleased to see more and more women getting jobs like hers. Plus, her love of the ocean views while suspended from a wind turbine continues to fuel her determination. She recalls the first time she experienced the phenomenon of Dunkelflauta at sea (a period of time in which there is neither wind nor sunlight) when she was working on an offshore wind farm. “The sea looked amazing, nowhere else have I experienced such silence as at that moment.”


Paula Tassis – Online Surveyor

Paula Tassis, an online surveyor specializing in geophysical and environmental surveys, sheds light on her experiences navigating the male-dominated waters of offshore work. Despite moments of feeling underestimated and occasional challenges to her capabilities, Paula remains undeterred. “Most of the time there aren’t any issues,” she shares. “However, there are moments where I have felt underestimated for being a woman, or my work is challenged.” Despite these hurdles, Paula finds solace in her love for the offshore environment and the thrill of being involved in project operations. “Being on the vessel, even considering the hard side of it, for me it is worth it – plus I get to go to places I haven’t been before and meet people from all over the world.” When asked; what would you say to those women out there looking to pursue a career in the offshore sector, Paula replies “If you know what you want, don’t let being a woman stop you in achieving it. You will have challenges for sure, but nothing that should stop you!”


Soral Bernard-Hayklan – Operations Manager

In her role as the Operations Manager for Offshore Marine People and Academy, Soral Bernard-Hayklan operates from onshore but oversees all personnel and training operations, many of which relate to offshore activities. She enjoys being “part of and always learning more about an industry that is growing rapidly” and “finds the technological advances fascinating”. Working in a “notoriously male dominated industry”, Soral doesn’t personally experience any challenges relating to this however she acknowledges there are barriers women do face in this domain. Nonetheless, she sees promising shifts in the industry’s attitude towards gender diversity. “We have seen an increase in female contractors in the past few years who are working successfully within the offshore field which is fantastic however the industry is crying out for more skills and individuals to support its growth. I would therefore definitely encourage all women who are interested in working offshore to pursue their career aspirations” states Soral.


These three women demonstrate resilience, determination, and passion in the offshore industry. Their stories underline the progress made in breaking down gender barriers while acknowledging the work yet to be done. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let us honour the achievements of women in all spheres of life and continue striving for a more inclusive future, both onshore and offshore.