Subsea Cables Fault Finding & Repairs

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About this course:

Gain an overview of subsea cables and the cable laying process and how this can cause damage or faults to the cable.

Following the process from start to finish, you’ll find out techniques involved with the location and repair of subsea cables, including the identification of faults and damage and the retrieval of the product to be repaired.

What experience/qualifications do I need to book a place?

There are no academic or technical pre-requisites for attendance on this course.

Course Structure

What will I learn?

  • Cable handling both onshore and offshore
  • The types of faults that can occur and how they manifest themselves
  • Cable testing. The types of test that can be used and how the fault is pinpointed prior to repair operations being carried out.
  • Fault finding techniques and operations
  • Repair scenarios including deep water and shallow waters
  • Back deck operations to facilitate an effective repair
  • The construction and types of repairs that is available and typically used in cable operations
  • Joint protection prior during and after the cable has been re-laid on the seabed