Subsea Cable Laying

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About this course:

Providing an understanding of the subsea cable laying process from start to completion.

Beginning with onshore cable storage, you’ll learn more about the loading, transportation, and laying process, the equipment used, and the problems and challenges that you may encounter.

What experience/qualifications do I need to book a place?

There are no academic or technical pre-requisites for attendance on this course.

Course Structure

What will I learn?

A high-level overview of the cable laying process from start to finish.

Typical cable laying facilities and equipment

  • Cable design and specification
  • Cable storage and handling
  • Loading and handling at sea
  • Cable laying vessels
  • ROV Ploughs cutters and jetters
  • Deck operations roles and responsibilities

The role of subsea survey in the cable laying process from route planning, through to post lay inspection

The cable laying process in details using examples and experiences to emphasise the key points

  • The mechanics of cable laying
  • Shore end installation and connections
  • Submarine plane and activities
  • Control slack and tension during cable lay operations

Cable protection and burial

  • Why there is a need for  protecting subsea cables
  • The techniques used and the conditions in which they are appropriate

Health and Safety and environmental concerns and impacts and the considerations that need to be addressed throughout the whole process from start to finish