offshore wind farm courses

Online Introduction to Offshore Wind Renewables

The offshore renewable energy industry is growing. Evolving quickly through innovative technology, the use of wind power is an ever-increasing popular solution for energy suppliers and companies.

Discover the history of the wind energy industry and its terminology, gaining insight into the operational processes behind constructing and maintaining an offshore wind farm.

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wind turbine technician training

Offshore Client Representative

Co-ordination and commitment. A client representative role brings a whole range of new responsibilities and duties.

Take on the challenges facing an offshore client representative and learn how to effectively manage offshore projects, from project and people management to documentation, reporting, and health and safety.

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Online Introduction to Offshore Survey

Unravelling the complexities of the offshore survey process, this introduction to offshore survey explores systems and techniques used by offshore surveyors.

Ideal course for those with managerial or supervisory responsibilities, with a strong focus on the control and management of offshore surveys.

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Online Understanding Subsea Power Cables

Modern subsea power cables are built to withstand the toughest conditions to deliver optimum power outputs onshore.

Learn how this ground-breaking technology has developed over time and how operational tools and techniques are used to lay cables along the seabed. From storage and equipment to maintenance and protection, find out more about the journey of subsea power cables.

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wind turbine technician wind farm course

Introduction to Marine Operations and Environment

To assist Onshore Managers improve their planning and management skills through better understanding vessel operations and constraints. The course also focuses on communication & information transfer between onshore and offshore management teams.

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Offshore wind turbine training

Understanding UXO Risk Management for Offshore Wind Renewables

When working with the seabed, there is a very real risk of encountering unexploded bomb devices. Offshore managers across all sectors should be aware of UXO risk management and related safety processes and legislation, to prevent costly damage to assets and the environment, and potentially save lives.

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offshore wind turbine cable installation training

Subsea Cable Laying

Subsea cable laying requires expert knowledge and specialist techniques for successful and seamless operation.

Find out more about route planning and inspection, get to know the equipment and how to protect it, and build the skills to carry out subsea cable laying procedures.

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Offshore subsea cable maintenance training

Subsea Cables Fault Finding & Repairs

When a fault arises, subsea cables need to be repaired quickly and safely to prevent delays and ensure efficient wind farm operation.

Using simulated water scenarios, you will learn how to recognise and locate faults to retrieve and repair cables using specialist equipment and following real-time processes.

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It’s important to keep your GWO certificate up to date with refresher courses to prevent needing to complete the full course.