GWO Courses

Offshore Marine People and Academy can, through our extensive network of training providers offer certified Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Training. All training meets Basic Safety Training (BST) standards developed by the GWO to ensure an industry-wide consistent approach to safe working practices.

With locations across the UK and overseas, you can access the exceptional quality and unique delivery of GWO training from trainers with years of industry experience wherever you are based. OMPA provide access to simulated environments and a wide variety of industry specific resources, supporting you to achieve full compliance with industry recommended safety standards.


First Aid

Being prepared to handle incidents or injuries in the wind industry can help to make a difference in both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Understand of the importance of carrying out first aid safely, and learn the correct ways to manage first aid scenarios.

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HSE First Aid

As a first aider, you have a responsibility to respond quickly and safely to any incidents within the workplace.

The HSE First Aid course features effective treatments for common ailments and techniques that can help to prevent further injury or even save a life in an emergency.

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Basic Fire Fighting

Identifying fire risks and managing them effectively can prevent costly damage and save lives in the event of a fire.

With a focus on fire prevention, Basic Fire Fighting will also equip you with the skills to fight small fires safely.

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Rescue with Smart Line

When a rescue is necessary, you need to be aware of the safety equipment available and how to use it safely.

An introduction to the Smartline personal evacuation device, you'll become familiar with its features, how it works and how to use it during a rescue in line with health and safety legislation.

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Sea Survival

In harsh conditions at sea you need to be equipped with the skills to ensure your personal safety, should an emergency arise.

Find out how to complete an evacuation safely and deal with emergency situations including risks to health and accessing rescue support.

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